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    And my chest, it still hurts and tears. Ji Rongge still often comes to me, and he always tries to open the knot left on the roof that day. But how can I forget? Forget that the huge delicate and beautiful flower opened on Mo Fan's head. How can I accept the embrace of a man whose hands are stained with Mo Fan's blood? How to accept a man's kiss and Mo Fan's salty tears? How to tell our children in the future that your uncle died at the hands of your father? One day, I smeared the box of mousse blush left by Mo Fan all over my cheeks and smiled coldly at Ji Rongge who came to see me. He looked at me, his eyes full of guilt and heartache, and reached out to try to wipe the red marks off my face. I smiled at him faintly, I said, don't move, that's Mo Fan's blood. His hand fell in the air and his eyes ached! I smiled and wept, and I gave him back the ring and the red silk thread that he had worn on my chest with great tenderness and care. At that moment, his eyes darkened. Ji Rongge can't see me, so he stays with Mai Le all day. He made her laugh, hoping to see what I used to look like in her smile. Suddenly, one day, while he was pushing Mai Le for a walk in the shade of a tree, I had a very strange idea in my mind. In this world, which man can give Mai Le peace, stability and happiness? Once she bet all her future and all her happiness on me, but now, what can I give back to her? Since, my mistake, caused her to lose happiness,industrial racking systems, then let me leave my favorite person to her, let him replace me, give her happiness! So, I hung the cufflink that had been hanging on my chest on Mai Le's neck, and I thought it would protect the most important girl in my life for me. So, that day, I kissed Bai Chu in the garden, kissing and kissing, I thought I loved this man to the point of water under the bridge! Then I turned around and smiled at Ji Rong,wire mesh decking, smiling like a flower. I said, this man is the happiness I can never let go. This is my choice, not for anything, just because I met him before you. Ji Rongge's eyes were in pain, but he was speechless. How could he not know? It was just an excuse. Between me and him, Mo Fan's death is like a magic spell that can never be broken away. No matter where we escape to in the world, we can't escape the punishment of this spell. So, he said, OK, Mo Chun, I know. He said, I know. Then, turn around and leave. Clever as he is, keen as he is, calm as he is and rational as he, shuttle rack system ,shuttle rack system, how can I not know what kind of stomach I have placed? Finally, he said, Mo Chun, I give you happiness! I give happiness to anyone around you! I owe this to your family! With that, he looked at Mai Le, who was counting the sunshine on his fingers. He bowed his head and said lightly, from today on, I will buy you the best clothes, eat the best food and live in the best house. Then he looked back at me and said, "I will give her all the happiness I can give you!"! I want you to live with Bai Chu with a good conscience and care about him forever! Mo Chun, is this what you want? With that, he pushed her and left. Only left me a figure that I can never let go. Day, so dark down. Wutong So Hurt Chapter 7 57 Chapter Words: 576 Updated: 09-01-03 10:38 What does "fifty-seven" mean? "Fifty-seven" is the meaning of "the future"! Oh, who said that? Well, that girl Mo Chun said that! Then why would she say that? Because she was tired and desperate, she wanted to have a good rest in the harbor of the man named Bai Chu. But does she really like Bai Chu? You have to ask her heart to know this question. But I think she at least liked it, very, very deeply. Then, I must ask her heart, but where is her heart? Her heart.. She should go with the person she loves most.
    Who is the person she loves most? Bai Chu? Ji Rongge? You have too many questions, don't you? Why do children know so much? Get to the bottom of it, don't you know what a sad thing is? Ah, you are too fierce. I won't ask, okay? The last question, that even if Mo Chun likes Bai Chu, then she and Bai Chu together, will be very happy? Well, I can't answer this question, but without these questions from you fool, there were only five sentences in the "fifty-seven" section of this story, but now I tell you all of them. Don't ask questions and then talk, otherwise you won't be allowed to read the "eighth chapter" of this story! Here are the five sentences: From then on, this city. There is no longer a man who can be entrusted to die. There is no Chinese parasol tree that can realize one's wish. There is no longer a man named Ji Rongge who loves a woman named Mo Chun. No more youth, no more insolence. Wutong So Hurt Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Chapter Words: 319 Updated: 09-01-06 12:00 One day, we meet the right person at the best time and place, but eventually we stagger at the next intersection of fate. After all these years, will you still remember me? I can no longer participate in your beautiful life day after day, day after day, month after month, please, you must, well, well. Then, in this way, you don't have to remember me anymore. No need to smile, no need to cry. There is no need to remember May 5, 2005 and all the encounters I had with you before. I have never been able to tell you that in this world, there is no love without reason. Even if Ji Rongge falls in love with Mo Chun. It's just that, for some reason, you can't understand,heavy duty metal racks, I didn't confess. Either you smile when you meet, or you frown. So, I love. So here I am. Wutong is so hurt. Chapter 8 Mai Le Chapter 1 Chapter Words: 767 Updated: 09-01-06 12:01. jracking.com

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