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    Lenis agreed with Xia Buyi's idea and kept silent. There was no response. Lord Tiadra, the other person doesn't seem to be in the room. Said the voice. Is it.. What a pity 。” "If I don't see them today.." It's Huang Jinji herself! Lenis and Xia continued to remain silent, and they exchanged a shocked look. Why is Huang Jinji here! No, I have a bad feeling right now. Xia Buyu cast a look. [Same here. Don't make any noise until you're sure they're gone.] Said Lenice. [I try to cover.] Xia Buqi nodded and closed his eyes. From a magical point of view, what she does should be a kind of tuning-like action, perfectly blending the wavelengths of the people with the wavelengths of the surroundings, overlapping and invisible. Although there is no magic eye, it should not be inferior to Lenis in terms of precision operation. Verify that the object is far away. Said the maid. Whew. Lenis was relieved. It's dangerous. Xia Buyi said. I smell a conspiracy from here. "The same feeling." Said Lenice. Fortunately, I brought a follower.. Baby ?” "Xia Buyu asked." I felt my strength. Ziggy frowned. I was too far away before, so I wasn't sure, but now I can finally be sure that she has my strength. "Your power in this age.." Xia Buyi thought for a moment, "is it a holy relic?" "I think so." Siegfried nodded his head. It's just that I can't imagine what kind of holy relic it is. "Use the method of elimination." "What you have on you.." she said, glancing at Siegfried. "Your sword." "In my hand." Said Siegfried. Where's the gold? Xia Buyu asked again. Siegfried looked at her warily and said, "I'm keeping it,Pi tape measure, too." "Oh, what's that look in your eyes? Well, well, then.." Xia Buyi turned around in the room a few times. " That's all there is. "Like a top that has finally stopped," she said. / The next day, news came from Izeluma's house. Huang Jinji is dead. It is said that Maio,Fiberglass tape measure, who specializes in making medicine for Jinyin Shuangji, found the body of Jinyin Shuangji, and then learned from the maid that the person she wanted to find before she died was Lenis. Therefore "So what does this have to do with us?" Lenice said, folding her arms. Although I didn't find you. Monarch Inole said, "But this is the only clue about Huang Jinji. It's necessary. I can only start with you." Whether active or passive, the results have not changed. Blood soaked through the sheets, scarlet blood and amazing bodies that were beautiful even in death. Huang Jinji exists in such a contradictory form of existence. This is ridiculous. Why should I be pursued? Lenice snorted and said, "Are the people of Izzeluma so impolite?" Chapter 117 Hello, I'm Siegfried. Now let me give you a brief introduction of the current situation. At the invitation of the Izzeluma family, the Lord and Lenice went to Winstel, Fish measuring board ,horse weight tape, a lake area that was said to have been the home of Peter Rabbit, whom the Lord loved very much. At the party, the Lord seemed to see the person he had always wanted to see, and he was very excited. To tell you the truth, even in front of Garna, the Lord had never shown such a sparkling look, a little envious. The ultimate goal of the magician is the root, but everyone chooses a different way to reach the root. Listening to the discussion between the Lord and Elmero II, the Izeluma family chose the way to reach the root with the beauty of the human body. By creating a being comparable to the God of beauty.. But is it really possible? ? In a word, when the two most beautiful people in the world, Huang Jinji and Bai Yinji, appeared, the Lord asked me to turn my back with her. So I don't know exactly what it looks like. I'm sorry. Then Then The Lord asked me to dance with her. I'm very sorry, but it's not the duty of the spirit.. But I promised her. 。
    It was a very memorable experience, in which.. No, nothing. It's not possible. Although the system was forced to add such a setting, but in the name of the knight, I promise that I will not put my feelings on the Lord and cause her trouble. Uh. Definitely not. ...... All right, after that, Huang Jinji made a surprise visit to the room where we were staying. Although it seemed to me to be a normal visit, Lenice and the Lord kept silent as if they were facing a formidable enemy, creating the illusion that they were not present. Moreover, after confirming the departure of the two men, together with the Lord, they created alibi evidence overnight. As soon as it was finished, it was time for the Lord to turn back into a cat. The original intention was just to have an excuse in case someone asked, but who would have thought of it? On the second day after we avoided seeing Huang Jinji, Huang Jinji was brutally dismembered and her body was found in the room. However I'm very sorry, just when I was stunned for a moment, it seemed that something more serious had happened. Our avoidance had no effect, and the name of the suspect still fell on our heads. Even I feel that there is a conspiracy, but I am very sorry, in this case,Walking tape measure, can only count on Miss Lenis, really hard for her. From Siegfried's Diary II. There was no evidence or reason to suspect me because of an excuse. Said Lenice. Is this the hospitality of the Yzerumar family? It's really one side of the story. So, can you tell me where you went last night when Huang Jinji came to see you? There are also some people who raise such questions. tapemeasure.net

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