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    "Yes, big brother, I practice everywhere.". Heaven, earth, Xuan, and Huang are used to discuss the world, but in terms of cultivation, there are four levels: the universe, the universe, the flood, and the wilderness. Each level is divided into three stages: the beginning, the middle, and the end. The eldest brother can turn a withered and yellow world into a yellow-green world. The eldest brother is actually close to the Zeus level. As long as the yellow-green world turns into a pure green world, the eldest brother can become a Zeus level master. "But I can't beat you now?" "But I can't do anything about Big Brother!" Geng Hua said with a smile, "This is still in the case that the eldest brother has not cultivated the world, if the eldest brother's green world is 10%, the boundary force leads, the younger brother I don't mention to fight with the eldest brother, I'm afraid that once the world comes out, the younger brother I can't resist!"! "Eldest brother, please bring the deed to the younger brother in the future!" "You don't seem to care about your abilities?" Big brother, you really don't know or you don't know. Before the spiritual realm, there was the Tao of the Infinite Realm, and the Tao of the Infinite Realm was already the highest personal ability that a creature, no matter what type of creature,75 smart board, could achieve. In the boundless heaven and earth, if there is no foundation for the world, there will be no spiritual power. In the boundless heaven and earth, there will be no spiritual power. It means that it is the mortal body. Although the mortal body is invincible or even eternal in the legendary Wanlingtian, Shaoqingtian, Yuqingtian and Taiqingtian, it is only a hundred years old in the boundless earth and earth. By the way, brother, the time of the boundless heaven and earth is about the same as the time of the legendary all souls. It's very short. In the boundless world,classroom interactive whiteboard, if you want to live forever, you have to cultivate the world and cultivate spiritual power through the world, and then you can live for a long time. "This.." Tianxin was really surprised. Brother, it's time for you to make up for your common sense. Boundless heaven and earth, there is a name called Tianwaitian. As the name implies, this is the intersection of the chaotic world and the star world. The chaotic breath and the star breath do not give way to each other, and they are heaven and earth. The environment is so bad that no one can imagine it. "In that case, why don't you go to the Star Realm or the Chaos Realm?" "Big brother, you are ignorant again.". In the world of chaos, I have never heard of a master below the level of the universe who can enter. Xingyuanjie is OK, but big brother, look at the countless yellow and gray worlds under our feet, one will fall into it carelessly. Brother, you are lucky to fall into a highly developed world of micro-technology. In such a world, there are many creatures, and the world is on the verge of destruction, so it is more harmonious, smart board whiteboard ,interactive boards for classrooms, and you also have a better place to play. If you fall into a primitive world without life, or the harmony of life is not high, then big brother, you will have to cry. Unless you can find the random wind tunnel you fell into, you will stay in this world for the rest of your life and be a creator God or something. "That's not bad either!" Tianxin squinted and laughed. Yes, but eldest brother, such a world only has ten thousand years of life. Maybe you will think that millions of years, tens of millions, billions of years have passed in it, but in fact, the world can only exist in the boundless world for ten thousand boundless years. Brother, if you have tiny eyes, you can see that there are many levels of the world in the boundless world. The life span of the world has not changed, but the time in the world has changed. Therefore, it seems easy to go to the Star yuan Realm, but in fact it is difficult. One hundred million boundless Taoists set out at the same time, and there is a very high chance that one of them will reach the Star Realm. "What kind of world has the longest existence in the boundless world?" "There is no world of boundless Taoists.". There is a world of boundless Taoists, and the vitality of this world is only enough for a boundless Taoist to eat and drink for ten thousand years. "This.." Can it be understood that these worlds can not produce boundless Taoists? The first episode of the star ferry comes out chapter 445 desolate Genghua. Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:14:32 Words in this chapter: 8975 Otherwise, eldest brother, the five elements can be transformed into the world, and the three elements of heaven, earth and spirit can be transformed into the universe. In a natural world, the shortest life span is tens of billions of years. If there is a wise person who has no boundary to enter and cultivate it into a world of earth products, then the world will have the appearance of Zeus and become a world that can grow. A world that can grow will not be destroyed, and no one is willing to destroy such a world. That is to say, the world of land products will only change its owner and will not suffer any misfortune.
    ” "Can the world be robbed?" "Big Brother, that's not something I can answer." Geng Hua said with a bitter face. You know, in the boundless world, I just have the spiritual power for the first time. No, I don't have the spiritual power yet. My spiritual power is drawn from my world. Only when I cultivate the world to the level of Xuanpin Deep Blood, can I have spiritual power and reach the realm of mutual promotion with the world. So, I don't know if the world of high quality can be robbed. I only know that even if I hold the yellow world in my hand and throw it around, no one, even a ruffian, can like it. It's not worth it to seize such a world. If you spend some money, you can definitely go to the world store to buy Xuanpin Deep Blood World. "The world also sells it?" "Of course!"! However, those guys are black and have strong backgrounds, and the big brothers behind them have occupied all the places where the world is abundant in the boundless world, so that I can only come to this waste world to dig for gold like Taobao! Geng Hua gnashed his teeth. Brother, how many people are there in the boundless world? Tianxin ignored Geng Hua's anger and only calculated the market. Eldest brother, you ask boundless heaven and earth ah, no one knows how big this boundless heaven and earth! Therefore, no one knows how many people there are in the boundless world, and the population of the well-off world where I live is probably the smallest. Only tens of thousands of people. Listen to the old man in Xiaokangtian, there is a Longhuangtian nearby, which is a big place with more than 10 million people. It's a pity that my world is so bad that I don't have much spiritual power to give me. Otherwise, I would have gone to that place for a stroll. "How far is Long Huangtian from Xiaokangtian?" "Not far, just a few hills away!" "That's not far!" The heart of heaven gasped, the so-called several hills, almost the end of the heart of heaven. In other words, this boy's eyes are not far away, converted into light years, at least ten trillion light years, which is several times the diameter of Qiyuan. Taixu Siling's phrase "running a dead horse at the sight of the mountain" is really accurate. Then he asked,interactive panel board, "Is Xiaokang big? Is it also a few hills?" "Big brother, Xiaokang Tian is small, just a small mountain fort.". Thousands of light years around. But it's magnificent! 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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