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    Jiang Xian nodded and asked Wang Zhi some questions one after another. Wang Zhi also told Jiang Xian his plans and ideas one by one. It took an hour to ask and answer. Ok, I will transfer the money to your bank card tomorrow. Jiang Xian looked at Wang Zhi and said lightly, "You can contact those Chinese killers. In addition, here and outside should be cleaned up, so as not to frighten people!" "Yes, yes!" Wang Zhi stood stiffly in front of Jiang Xian. In addition Jiang Xian looked at Wang Zhi calmly and said, "What I need is a subordinate who is absolutely obedient. Do you understand?"? Don't give me any bad ideas, take my money and want to do something else, I will let you know what the end is! "Yes, yes!" Wang Zhi remembered Jiang Xian's means and could not help swallowing saliva. All right, it's all right. I'll go first. Call me when everyone is here. As he spoke, Jiang Xian flicked his clothes and left Alice Cosmetics Company directly. Whew. Wang Zhi took a deep breath, suddenly picked up his cell phone in a hurry, and quickly dialed a phone: "Haha, Wang Dong, tell you a good news, I suddenly have a lot of wealth in my hand, come back!"! Stop being bullied by foreign devils and set up our own killer organization! Out of the Alice cosmetics company, Jiang Xian could not help but take a deep breath. In fact,Inflatable mechanical bull, the killer organization can be profitable, Jiang Xian is not very concerned, he now needs a force, a force that absolutely obeys his orders, ready to split from the blood killing of the blood feather will be a good opportunity. Jiang Xian this person is careful and cautious, but, when facing the choice, he also dares to gamble! Step one,inflatable air dancer, start here! Qinghai Fengyun Chapter 329 Purchase of Winery Jiang Xian came and went quickly, and just at dawn he had already returned to Qinghai. Jiang Xian is also too late to go back to the dormitory, can only simply buy a little breakfast, finished eating and then walked toward the classroom. Finally, the class begins. Jiang Xian walked into the classroom with his textbook in his arms and listened to a white-haired old professor lecturing on advanced mathematics, a compulsory course in universities. Learning is not a difficult thing for Jiang Xian. The question is whether he needs to learn. Everyone knows very well that the subject of advanced mathematics is not only related to the issue of credits, but also has a great impact on other courses. But for Jiang Xian, he is different from other students. He came here not for further study, nor for graduation certificate and degree certificate. What is the purpose of going to college? I just want to find a good job to support my wife and children. And now Jiang Xian as long as casually pull out a hair, it is possible that others can not earn a lifetime, these useless courses, for their own is really important? He is not to be a scientist, mathematician, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable meltdown, Jiang Xian felt that he really did not need to be a God horse scientist, mathematician and so on, this course is also learned in vain, how many can be used in society? For a time, Jiang Xian could not help but fall into meditation, if Wang Zhi really gave himself the killer to gather together, how should he integrate them, how to make them become a sharp knife in his hands. Time flies, other students are still taking notes, struggling for the future, Jiang Xian is already cranky through a class. The second, is management, compared to higher mathematics, the second management, Jiang Xian is listening with relish, when he was in the seaside resort with Xiao Ya, has mastered a lot of things, and now a systematic study, Jiang Xian immediately understood a lot of truth. Except for what I need. The rest of them can go to hell! Jiang Xian cried silently in his heart. The morning was soon over. Hey, where did Jiang Xian go last night? Why didn't you come back? The morning course has just ended, Jiang Xian has not left as a time, one side of Sun Hao Hei Hei cheap smile came to Jiang Xian's side. Yeah, you tell me the truth. Did you go to open a room with someone last night? One side of Xiao Yan is also a smile.
    I said, can you not be so nosy? I'll get a room? I don't have time for that! Jiang Xian shrugged his shoulders helplessly and looked at the two bad roommates and said helplessly, "I'm going to do business. Do you understand business?" "Of course, it's a big thing in life. Hey, carry on the family line!" Sun Hao is still smiling bitterly. Fine Jiang Xian shrugged his shoulders helplessly and looked at the two of them and said, "I did go out to open a room last night. What's the matter?" Jiang Xian was too lazy to argue, and the more they argued, the more they deviated. "Well, you can be as partial as you like." By the way, where is Zhao Feiyang? Why didn't you see him? Jiang Xian glanced around and suddenly asked. He? He went to work! Sun Hao shrugged helplessly: "Now the university course is very easy, he said that he could not waste time, the front-end time has contacted a job, and now he has gone to see the report!" "Well!" Jiang Xian nodded. One side of Sun Hao opened his mouth with a smile: "Yes, Jiang Xian has no classes in the afternoon.". How about going to the basketball department? "Look at it!" At this time, Jiang Xian's cell phone suddenly rang. The phone call was made by Xiao Ya. Jiang Xian took one look at the two, shrugged helplessly and said with a smile, "I'm sorry, a friend's phone, we'll talk later!" "Sister Xiao Ya, you have something to do with me!" Jiang Xian picked up the phone and asked casually. Xiao Ya's affectionate voice came from the phone: "Good brother, what are you doing?" Nothing, just finished class. I'm going to eat with some roommates! What can I do for you? Jiang Xian asked casually. Brother,large inflatable water slide, didn't you ask me to help you find a winery some time ago? I've already found it for you. Will you come and have a look together in the afternoon? Xiao Ya's voice is still very sweet. Already looking for it? Jiang Xian couldn't help being slightly stupefied. He immediately opened his mouth and said, "Well, I'll go and look for you in the afternoon."! What time is it? 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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