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    In the evening, Wei Xiaoqing also half-pushed and half-stayed again. Two days ago, everyone did not express this meaning, but today is different. Jin Xiumei made this attitude clear and treated her as a daughter-in-law everywhere. Wei Xiaoqing is really tender! The early morning sunshine came through the window and basked on my face, which was warm and comfortable. Zhou Xuan woke up, sat up, went to the window to open the glass window, the breeze blew on his face, there was a fragrance of leaves! The soles of the feet are still somewhat light, these two days have been in a daze, people wake up, Zhou Xuan touched the chest, there is a lot of pain! Zhou Xuan forced himself not to think about the things he didn't want to think about. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Come on. But I saw Wei Xiaoqing standing in the doorway. Face boils Wen Jing Wen Xi Zhou Xuan frowned and said lightly, "It's so strange. What's the matter?" "You" you "Wei Xiaoqing asked happily," how are you? Are you all right? Make a fuss. What's the matter with me? Zhou Xuan said lightly, "Li Lao," let's go. Go to your uncle's house. I want to help Li Lao look at it! Wei Xiaoqing shook her head and said, "No, wait until you're completely well. Grandpa Li is fine now. He plays chess and chats with Grandpa every day. It's nothing.". But Zhou Xuan ignored her and went downstairs to the hall. Her mother, Jin Xiumei, discussed with Mrs. Liu what to cook. Her sister went out to class, and her father and brother still went to work in the shop. Jin Xiumei suddenly saw her son coming downstairs. She was in a daze and then exulted, "Son, why did you go downstairs?"? You, "okay?" Zhou Xuan nodded and said with a slight smile, "Mom, I'm ready.". You don't have to worry. I have nothing to do. I went out and went to Brother Hong's house. Jin Xiumei was not willing to let him go. When she wanted to say something,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Zhou Xuan waved his hand and said, "Mom, don't stop me. I'm bored at home. I want to go out for a walk.". Wei Xiaoqing is very clever to say: "Auntie, so, I accompany Zhou Xuan in the past, I look at him, you can rest assured, I accompany him to go, will accompany him back,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, help you look after!" Jin Xiumei thought about it and agreed that nothing would happen if Wei Xiaoqing took care of him, as long as he didn't go out alone. Wei Xiaoqing can drive and doesn't need to go out for a ride. She drove the Bugatti Veyron in the garage. Zhou Xuan sat beside her and went out of the path of the villa area. Wei Xiaoqing felt good and said, "This car is really good!" "If you like it, I'll give it to you. It's from your uncle anyway!" Zhou Xuan said lightly. While driving, Wei Xiaoqing said, "I dare not take it. If I take your car.". My little uncle has to scold me to death. Out of Hongcheng Square and on Huanshi Road, Wei Xiaoqing put on Bluetooth again and made a speech to his uncle Wei Haihong. Uncle, Zhou Xuan is coming to see Grandpa Li. You call Uncle Li to send Grandpa Li to your place. I'm coming with Zhou Xuan! "What, right here?"? That's good. We'll be right there! Wei Xiaoqing took off the Bluetooth headset and said to Zhou Xuan with a smile, "Just in time, Grandpa Li is playing chess with Grandpa at his uncle's house. What a coincidence.". Wei Xiaoqing first informed, the car drove to Wei Haihong's home, the old man and Lao Li, as well as Wei Haihong three people are at the door of the garden to meet, several guards each guard at the edge of the garden. Wei Haihong waited for Wei Xiaojing to park the car. He couldn't wait to put his arms around Zhou Xuan and patted him on the back. Then he loosened his grip and said, "Brother, it's all right, it's all right!" Wei Xiaoqing pouted in the back and was unhappy. This uncle, who was always a brother, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, deliberately made trouble with her! The old man and Lao Li also stepped forward and took a look. The old man patted Zhou Xuan on the shoulder and said in a deep voice, "Man, you should be able to take it up and put it down!" Entering the living room, Wei Xiaoqing turned to look at Mrs. Wang and said, "Prostitute Wang, Zhou Xuan hasn't eaten yet. Make some porridge for him." The king prostitute smiled and promised, Wei Xiaoqing's character she knew, but also often together, although her words are straight, but the heart is very kind, the Wei family did not take her present person, but treat her as their own family.
    Zhou Xuanyun carried ice gas, although the body is a little weak, but the feeling of ice gas transport is still 78%, it is not difficult to cure Lao Li's disease, when he did not think of a way, it is really difficult, but since the hotel in Tengchong, Yunnan, after testing that method, it is not difficult to cure Lao Li's disease, the conversion of gold is a matter of loss of ice gas, but the amount is not large. Although there are more than 70 pieces of shrapnel in Lao Li's body, the volume is extremely small and does not cost much ice gas energy. Of course, it is even less troublesome to absorb it. It is a supplement, an ice gas meal! Before, no matter how you think about it, you will feel that the piece of shrapnel in Lao Li's brain is the most dangerous. It has become a tumor. Last time, the blood clot cells in the outer layer of the tumor were eliminated a lot, but the shrapnel could not be eliminated after all. It was just a way to figure it out. I don't think it's a thing, at least it's a thousand times easier than the old man's cancer! But the old man and Lao Li are to Zhou Xuan rest, after drinking porridge and then slowly look at, not in a hurry at this time. And after Lao Li gave Zhou Xuan that treatment, although sometimes there was still a slight pain in his head, but compared with the past, it was simply not painful, and he could walk and move, his appetite was better, and he was very happy. As an old man like him, he was prepared to go, like now, it was also a comfortable walk, without any pain. The more I felt, the more I appreciated Zhou Xuan. So every day after breakfast, Lao Li would go to Wei Haihong to play chess and chat with the old man. Two old comrades-in-arms, old superiors and subordinates, could live such a life together, which was happier than anything else. But the most chatted, or Zhou Xuan, Lao Li's feeling of Zhou Xuan, that can only be described as magical, and the old man's answer to Lao Li is: "Strange people, can be met but not sought, your Leizi is very smart, Zhou Xuan is actually our hit of the noble!" Half an hour later, the porridge cooked by Mrs. Wang was ready, and Wei Haihong ordered him to make some nutritious and slightly light porridge. The king prostitute has the experience, takes care of the old Mou son,ultrasonic molten metal, cooks this kind of porridge to go many. Wei Xiaoqing accompanied Zhou Xuan to the restaurant to eat porridge, she also did not eat breakfast, but also accompanied by a small bowl. fycgsonic.com

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